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Hong Kong Island

A spectacular cityscape

As you will discover during your MSC Grand Voyages cruiseHong Kong Island is the heart of the whole territory, its administrative and business centre and site of some of the most expensive real estate in the world.

Development is concentrated along the island’s north shore, a 6km-long strip of financial, commercial and entertainment districts overlooking Victoria Harbour

At its core, Central sprouts an astounding array of high-tech towers, edged to the west by Sheung Wan’s smaller-scale and traditional Chinese businesses. Behind this the land climbs steeply to The Peak, wherever you get them from, vistas are stupendous, down over the island’s intensely crowded north shore, across the busy harbour to a lower-rise, unspectacular Kowloon and the green peaks of the New Territories. Man Mo Temple is one of the oldest in Hong Kong, waiting to be value on an MSC Grand Voyages cruise excursion.

It dates to the 1840s and was originally founded as a charitable institution; the central atrium beyond is hung with great spiral incense coils suspended from the ceiling, filling the interior with eye-watering, aromatic smoke. Back along the harbour and moving east through Wan Chai and Causeway Bay, the emphasis shifts from finance to wining, dining and shopping. The south side of Hong Kong Island straggles into the sea in a series of dangling peninsulas and islets. The attractions here are separate towns such as Aberdeen and Stanley, with a flavour of their own, and also beaches, the best of which fronts the little outpost of Shek O. East of the Aberdeen expressway, Causeway Bay forms a knot of lively, seething streets packed with restaurants, accommodation and shopping plazas, its eastern part is dominated by Victoria Park, an extensive, open space containing shady paths, swimming pools and other sport facilities.

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    Hong Kong

    Colonial roots and modern businesses
    Colonial roots and modern businesses

    With its emphasis on economics and consumerism, Hong Kong offers the greatest variety and concentration of shops and shopping on earth, along with a colossal range of cuisines, and vistas of sea and island.

    The excellent infrastructure makes this an extremely soft entry into the Chinese world. Hong Kong comprises 1100 square kilometres of the south China coastline and a number of islands east of the Pearl River Delta. 

    During your MSC Grand Voyages cruise to Hong Kong you’ll be able to explore the principal urban area spreading along the north shore of the main island which offers traces of the old colony – from English place names to anachronistic double-decker trams trundling along the shore – and also superb modern cityscapes of towering buildings teetering up impossible slopes – the urban panorama of skyscrapered Hong Kong Island, seen across the harbour from Kowloon is stunning –, along with whole districts dedicated to selling Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbs. 

    The south of the island offers several decent beaches, a huge amusement park, and even hiking opportunities. 

    Hong Kong remains one of the world’s largest financial hubs but its modern face hides a surprisingly traditional culture.