An ancient emotion between history and nature

Among gardens, lighthouses and the Bloody Islands

Memories of the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte

The turtles and a park just for them

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An ancient emotion between history and nature

"Kallìste", meaning the most beautiful, is the ancient name by which the Greeks named Corsica. With an MSC Cruise, you can experience its timeless spell and discover the charm of the most authentic and exciting islands among Mare Nostrum.

An MSC Mediterranean Cruise will allow you the chance to discover Corsica, a unique island where Nature reigns supreme. With its thousands of kilometres of coastline, white beaches, bays and hidden lagoons, you will have wonderful leisure times lulled by the waves of the sea and the pleasure of tasting the delicious Corsican cuisine; moreover, the freshest fried fish.

An MSC Excursion will take you to the gardens located on the plain of Casone, on the edge of the city, which house some monoliths among the olive trees where the future emperor Napoleone I seems to have taken refuge as a young man in moments of soli-tude. Along the itinerary you can also admire the old town of Ajaccio and not far from Par-ata, looking out to the horizon, you can see the Bloody Islands, a vast archipelago of four islands of red porphyry with the distinctive lighthouse standing on the largest one. 

One of the MSC Excursions will take you right to the ancient area of Ajaccio, where it will be possible to immerse yourself in the grandeur of history of the native town of Napoleon Bonaparte who remained until the age of 13 and later returned many times. 
The house museum, which recounts his story through the original furnishings, remained the property of the Bonaparte family from 1682 until 1923 when it was donated to the French government which transformed it into a national museum. 

Another MSC Excursion will leave a mark on your heart after your encounter with the tur-tles on the island. In A Cupulatta nature park, many species from different parts of the world are bred and studied, including the giant turtles of Galapagos, the redheaded turtles of Seychelles... There is also the Corsica Regional Nature Park, home to the “Village of Turtles" that safeguards the native tortoises and promotes the repopulation of these spe-cies. There will be in-depth information to learn more about this enduring animal.

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    A discrete and slightly snobbish charm
    A discrete and slightly snobbish charm

    A holiday to southern France will take you to heaven. This Garden of Eden encompasses the snow-peaked lower Alps and their foothills, which in the east descend right to the sea, and to the west extend almost to the Rhône.

    The coastal hinterland is made up of range after range of steep, forested hills, while the shore is an ever-changing series of geometric bays giving way to chaotic outcrops of glimmering rock and deep, narrow inlets, like miniature fjords – the calanques. All these elements would count for nothing, however, were it not for the magical Mediterranean light. At its best in spring and autumn, it is both soft and brightly theatrical, as if some expert had rigged the lighting for each landscape for maximum colour and definition with minimum glare. A cruise to southern France is a good opportunity to visit the capital of the Riviera, Nice – a vibrant and intriguing blend of Italianate influence, faded Belle Époque splendour and first-class art.

    East of the city, the lower Corniche links the picturesque seafront towns of Villefranche, St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and Beaulieu; the higher roads offer some of the most spectacular coastal driving in Europe, en route to the perched village of Èze and the tiny principality of Monaco. The Riviera’s western half claims its best beaches – at jazzy Juan-les-Pins and at Cannes, a glitzy centre of designer shopping and film.