Gibraltar, a British spot between two continents

A British fortress of the Mediterranean
The Upper Rock nature reserve
Monkeys without tails everywhere

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Gibraltar, a British spot between two continents

Let yourself be swept away by the alien charm of this mythical peninsula and the sea strait of the same name, on whose promontories the Greeks placed an imaginary limit to the known world, both physical and intellectual: the Pillars of Hercules, ideally located on Gibraltar and the opposite bank. An MSC Cruise will take you there.

An MSC Mediterranean Cruise will open the doors of Gibraltar, the last bastion of calm wa-ters of the Mediterranean Sea before meeting with the impetuous waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The beautiful Andalusian land, marked by history and traditions, war and peace, sit-uated between Costa del Sol and La Luz, will charm you with the elegance of a British spot in Europe.

One of the MSC Excursions will take you to the top of Gibraltar, the British Rock of Gibraltar. The 426-meter-heigh ancient Mediterranean landmark narrates of a two-hundred-million years-old tale of two continents, Eurasia and Africa, that clung together in a kiss until the Strait of Gibraltar split them causing the Iberian peninsula to separate and reshaping the Mediterranean as it is today.

With another MSC Excursion, you will take the funicular up to the Upper Rock Reserve, a cradle of biodiversity and natural environments with breathtaking views over Line Wall Road and the ancient walls, or Trafalgar Square, the perfect place for a British-style fish & chip. On walks on the rocky footpaths, you will be immersed in the beauty of Nature, hiking over the peaks amongst the ancient woods that cling to rocks, exploring caves, underground tunnels and other sites of historical interest.

Enter the territory of the Barbary apes with an MSC Excursion and find out the only popula-tion in Europe of wild monkeys with no tail that peacefully cohabits with humans. The only rule to abide is not to feed any monkey you may meet. Considered a symbol of this land, the Barbary apes once had a place of honour on the five pence coin.

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    The British pillars of Hercules
    The British pillars of Hercules

    The main highlight of a cruise to Gibraltar is essentially its novelty: the genuine appeal of the strange, looming physical presence of its rock, and the dubious one of its preservation as one of Britain’s last remaining colonies.

    For most of its history it has existed in a limbo between two worlds without being fully part of either. It’s a curious place to visit, not least to witness the bizarre process of its opening to mass tourism from the Costa del Sol. Ironically, this threatens both to destroy Gibraltar’s highly individual hybrid society and at the same time to make it much more British.

    In recent years, the economic boom Gibraltar enjoyed throughout the 1980s, following the reopening of the border with Spain, has started to wane, and the future of the colony – whether its population agrees to it or not – is almost certain to involve closer ties with Spain. Yet Gibraltarians stubbornly cling to British status, and all their institutions are modelled on British lines. Contrary to popular belief, however, as you’ll discover during your MSC Mediterranean cruise to Gibraltar, they are of neither mainly Spanish nor British blood, but an ethnic mix descended from Genoese, Portuguese, Spanish, Menorcan, Jewish, Maltese and British forebears.