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An MSC Mediterranean Cruise will take you to discover the astonishing city of Palermo. Nestled in the famous Conca d’Oro, Palermo, Monreale and Cefalù together constitute the area of Sicily with the most magnificent historical and cultural importance. For this reason, the UNESCO, recognising its importance, has dubbed it: the "Arab-Norman Pa-lermo and the cathedrals of Cefalù and Monreale".

Palermo is a splendid city, characterised by centuries of different rules that have left a legacy on its artistic, architectural and, why not, cuisine heritage. Over six-hundred-thousand residents in a land where coexisting cultures and traditions will make you ap-preciate magnificent palaces, colourful alleys and dynamic markets.

You will be mesmerized in admiration by the destination of one of the MSC Excursions in Palermo: the Norman and Byzantine Palatine Chapel in Arab. A collection of works of art comprising of golden mosaics, the wooden ceiling with refined Arabic honeycomb inlays and the magnificent marble precious stones floor. Constructed in 1132 as a place of wor-ship within the Palazzo dei Normanni complex, it is still nowadays one of the most ad-mired masterpieces in the world.

Moving away from Palermo, another MSC Excursion will take you to Cefalù, a marvelous seaside village immersed in the Madonie Park and prized for its golden beaches, its ca-thedral and its unique historical centre with a medieval washhouse. For shopping enthu-siasts, Cefalù has plenty of local craft shops where you can find the perfect gift for friends and family.

If you want to relax and take in stunning views, the MSC Excursion to Mondello is the perfect choice. This marvelous white-sand-made beach is located 12 km north of Paler-mo. Mondello is the perfect location to spend some time relaxing on the beach, enjoying a sunset, bathing in the crystal clear water or simply strolling around the main square where you can do some shopping or taste fresh seafood dishes in local restaurants.

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    Port of Palermo

    This section contains information on how to reach the port.

    Cruise Terminal:

    Stazione Marittima - Dock Vittorio Veneto

    Reach the port by

    • Car

      From the A19 motorway (Messina), take the last exit and follow the signs for Palermo Port.

      Parking Information

      PALERMO - VALET Parking
      Address: Varco Santa Lucia, 90139 Palermo  
      Tel: 0039 091 334450
      Book your parking with MSC
    • Train

      Palermo Stazione Centrale
      There is a taxi service provided by Trinacria Service that takes just 10 minutes to drive you to the port depending on the traffic.
    • Plane

      Palermo‘s Falcone-Borsellino Airport is within easy reach of the port by taxi (Trinacria Service taking approximately 40 minutes depending on the traffic) or bus (Prestià e Comandè service).


    History, gastronomy and fashion
    History, gastronomy and fashion

    A cruise to Italy is an emotional roller coaster. Rome is a tremendous city quite unlike any other, and in terms of historical sights outstrips everywhere else in the country by some way.
    Liguria, the small coastal province along the north-west coast, has long been known as the “Italian Riviera” and is accordingly crowded with sun-seekers for much of the summer.
    In Veneto the main focus of interest is, of course, Venice: a unique city, and every bit as beautiful as its reputation would suggest. Tuscany in central Italy represents perhaps the most commonly perceived image of the country, with its classic rolling countryside and the art-packed towns of Florence and Pisa.

    The south proper begins with the region of Campania. Its capital, Naples, is a unique, unforgettable city, the spiritual heart of the Italian south. Puglia, the “heel” of Italy, has underrated pleasures, too, notably the landscape of its Gargano peninsula and the souk-like qualities of its capital, Bari.

    As for Sicily, the island is really a place apart, with a wide mixture of attractions ranging from some of the finest preserved Hellenistic treasures in Europe, to a couple of Italy’s most appealing Mediterranean beach resorts in Taormina and Cefalù, not to mention some gorgeous upland scenery.