The home of luxury

The Hôtel de Paris and the Monte-Carlo Casino

Superyachts in the harbour  

"Le Rocher” fortress of Monaco’s

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Monte Carlo

The home of luxury

An MSC Mediterranean cruise will usher you through the glamorous world of Monte Car-lo. Skyscrapers, hotels and restaurants, beaches and luxury yachts, trendy clubs and ca-sinos, expensive cars and Formula 1... All make the most luxurious district of the Princi-pality of Monaco world-famous.

A popular destination with a Hollywood atmosphere celebrated in countless films. Past and recent architectural styles from all over the world give the place a truly international feel. The shops and restaurants on the highstreets fully embrace the cosmopolitan life-style. 

The Hôtel de Paris and the renowned Casino of Monte Carlo are two destinations of an MSC Excursion both with the same Belle Époque style and same year of inauguration, 1863. Two icons that you can admire in their glory: the first, with recently renovated interi-ors, offers a perfect view over the Formula 1 circuit. The second, situated in the middle of the square of the same name, abounds with frescoes and gold and marble sculptures and has been the main attraction of the Principality for over 150 years.

Another MSC Excursion will take you on a walk among the most luxurious and expensive boats from all over the world, the super-yachts of Port Hercules. A modern and practical tourist port suitable to accommodate high-luxury pleasure ships of considerable size, after the modifications strongly required first by Prince Rainier III and then by his son Albert II.
On a walk among the most sumptuous and expensive boats from all over the world, pause to see the naval jewels moored at the Quai des États-Unis. You won't believe your eyes.

Everything seems to lead you farther into a fairy tale, like the MSC Excursion to Le Rocher, the "old city" of Monaco, the Prince’s Palace, home of Prince Albert II and his family, the Rock of Monaco, the Oceanographic Museum, with its 6,000 species of fish and animals, the elegant St. Martin gardens, the white Cathedral of Monaco and the monumental Palace of Justice.

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    A great little state
    A great little state

    The tiny independent Principality of Monaco, no bigger than London’s Hyde Park, has been in the hands of the autocratic Grimaldi family since the 13th century, save for the two decades following the French Revolution, and in theory would become part of France were the royal line to die out.

    When you’re on a cruise to Monaco it’s easy to understand how the last hundred years the principality has lived off gambling, tourism and its status as a tax haven. Among its inhabitants, French citizens outnumber native-born Monegasques.

    Along with the Pope and the house of Liechtenstein, Prince Albert II is one of Europe’s few remaining constitutionally autocratic rulers. A holiday to Monaco is like taking a stroll along the Mediterranean. The three-kilometre-long state consists of several distinct quarters.

    The pretty old town of Monaco-Ville around the palace stands on the high promontory, with the densely built suburb and marina of Fontvieille in its western shadow. La Condamine is the old port quarter on the other side of the rock; Larvotto, the rather ugly bathing resort with artificial beaches of imported sand, reaches to the eastern border; and Monte Carlo is in the middle. French Beausoleil, uphill to the north, is merely an extension of the conurbation – the border is often unmarked and always easily crossed on foot.